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[KFC] Clan's Website
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Clan Leaders

[KFC]coLOneL SanDerS {Ryan}(Username [KFC]BIDSNOW)

[KFC]Fingr Lickn' Chickn {Tyler}(Username: dYn0^m1te)

Other Clan Members

[KFC]Monster Destroyer {Will}(Username: Will)

[KFC]Popcorn Chicken {Thomas}(Username: kobefan81)

{CS 1.6 Only}

[KFC]Delirium Trigger {Chris} (username: Vivec)

[KFC]White_Meat_Chicken {Zack}(Username: Zack Attck)

{CS 1.5 Only}

[KFC]BBQ Beef Sandwich {Andrew}

5 7 3 4 |\/|

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Our other Site

Here's a link to our other site, at freewebs.

[KFC]Clan Site2

Freewebs [KFC]Site

Steams Site


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