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Welcome to CS and CZ's most ownage clan's site. Look around! Join us! Contact us for any other information.

What could be a better name for a clan than [KFC]? Our clan simply owns. We have currently seven members and are looking for more. Our server is coming soon. Our clan is what you would call an "unofficial" clan. We don't league, we dont have scheduled scrims, but we play a lot. What we normally do is get together and join a clan scrim or a cal match server. We aren't that serious about CS/CZ. We just like to have fun.

Popcorn Chicken: $3.99


P.S. Run to the Bahamas!
Contact the clan leader [KFC]coLOneL SanDerS on email: AIM:mayjorloner23 and steam username [KFC]BIDSNOW

[KFC] Clan Website